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Welcome to our vibrant, coffee-fueled co-working community!

This is where Innovation, Collaboration, Coffee, Creativity and FUN come alive and thrive!! We’ve brought together the best from coffee shops and co-working spaces to create a new, collaborative work space, designed for entrepreneurs.

We provide the tools, education and resources for you to crush it and it’s our mission to empower you to live a fulfilled life and achieve your true potential. We’re currently working with local roasters to make the best cup of coffee known to humans and collaborating with local entrepreneurs to provide the perfect mix of co working and office space available to make sure you can be effective when you work. Most importantly, we provide the support you need to be successful.


24 Hour Access

Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, you’ll have 24 hour access to our workspace. Legitimately epic, eh?

Business Concierge

Got a entrepreneurial question that needs to get answered in a timely fashion? Guess what? We’ve got you covered.

Fiber Optik Internet

We have the fastest internet in Canada. Yes, really. Fiber optic Connectivity right to our building. Hoping 1GB/s is enough…

Network Printer / Scanner

Your membership includes access to a network printer and scanner! That means you can print copy and scan from your desk.

Photo & Video Studio

We’ve got a Green Room and you’ve got full access to it! Members can use the Media Studios 24 hours a day!

Audio Recording Room

Sound- insulated audio recording studio for people looking to create podcasts, radio shows and audio clips for their business.

All Paid Events FREE

You’ll get access to all of our paid training / networking events completely free of charge. Just another epic member benefit!

Pet Friendly Space

Bring your dog, cat, hampster or parakeet to visit our space. Some rules apply but, you can definitely bring your extended family.

Presentation Boardroom

Looking to host a meeting with 10 people? We’ve got you covered. Our presentation room comes with everything you need!

Professional Work Space

You’ll have 24 hr access to our entire location which provides a unique, professional location for meetings, work or even play 😉

Kitchen Facilities

Our kitchen is equipped with a fridge, microwave and utensils for your lunch eating convenience. Order locally or bring your own!

Global Community

Our network is your network! Get access to our global community both online and offline! Meet new people and extend your network.


There are lots of cool things inside our space and everything is designed to help you achieve your next level life & business goals, faster. Although we wish the entire world could fit inside our space, we’ve only got limited space available. Membership will get you access to the entire space 24 hours a day. Learn more about member benefits and see why Duncan’s new co-working space is a place for you to achieve your next level dreams, faster.

A: Private Office
B: Private Office
C: Private Office
D: Private Office
E: Private Office
F: Boardroom
G: Audio Recording Studio
H: Photography / Video Studio
I: Common Lounge
J: Superhuman Office
K: Superhuman Office
L: Superhuman Office
M: Quiet Professional Space
N: Collaborative Space


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25 Kenneth St

Duncan BC V9L 1T6

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[email protected]

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Mon – Fri: ALL DAY

Weekends: ALL DAY